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With over 50 years of on-site experience, Commercial Water Damage Texas specializes in restoring and repairing water-damaged workplaces in Texas. We are certified by the IICRC as Commercial Drying Specialists. Our cost-effective services and sophisticated equipment make it possible for your business to be fully operational.

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You can’t afford to stop your business. Flooding can interrupt your work activities as well as drain your mental resources. We are here to resolve cracks in your foundation, mold growth, and property damage. To get it running as soon as possible, we work tirelessly. We use effective methods that provide long-term solutions.

Over 25 Years proving experienced services

Why Use Professional Water Damage Services? 

In the event of a flood in your space, we recommend hiring a professional immediately. Time is of the essence when it comes to flooding moisture, which can cause serious health problems. We are committed to helping you with the restoration and repair process. You’ll only get frustrated if you have to dry and clean up after a heavy downpour. Also, we have the right tools, expertise, and crew. So why not leave it to us?

With over 25 years of experience repairing water-damaged properties in Texas and its environs, Commercial Water Damage Texas provides the most thoughtful and best water damage restoration services in TX. We meticulously plan to restore your property most efficiently and economically. In our 25-year history, we have provided the highest quality water damage restoration and repair services. Our rapid response to water damage restoration and related services exceeds our competitors. Our restoration team works quickly and efficiently to reduce the likelihood of severe flooding problems. We use the right equipment, tools, and techniques to restore your water-damaged property.

Every property owner wants to avoid water damage at all costs. However, if left unattended for too long, it can destroy the building and damage it structurally. Therefore, you should always contact a professional company immediately. For over ten years, we have developed and delivered innovative water damage solutions to Texas property owners. Our team is always available to help you assess and repair water damage, as the effects are often much greater than expected.


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Our Best Services

Water Damage Repair

Repairing water damage is one of our most critical services for our Texas clients. We offer water damage repair services throughout the year.

Office Water Damage

Our technicians are experienced in solving problems and restoring your business quickly after water damage.

Fire and Smoke Damage

We repair the damage when a fire occurs inside a commercial building, either using a fire sprinkler or by having the fire department hose it out.

Building Water Removal

Water damage is a serious issue and needs to be addressed immediately. Our company understands this urgency and responds with accelerated purposes.

Emergency Water Damage

Our project managers and technicians team have more than 50 years of experience responding to emergencies.

Commmercial Water Damage

Schools, Hotels, and Buildings are some of our primary customers. We have the experience that you need.

Why Choose our Unique Services?

We take the time to understand the extent of damage when you choose us as your preferred company. Afterward, we develop cost-effective strategies to meet your specific needs. We are goal-driven and pay close attention to details. For water damage restoration, look no further than Commercial Water Damage Texas. We are even more reliable because we listen to you before and after your services. You can count on us for further valid requests after completing your project.

Our company provides water damage restoration and repair services to property owners in Texas, removing the burden of dealing with water damage. Since water damage can be frustrating, we ensure all repairs and restorations are painless and easy.

Providing honest and reliable service to all customers is our main objective at Commercial Water Damage Texas. Because of today’s economic climate, we provide restoration solutions that fit your budget. Let us know what you need, and we’ll work within your budget! As a professional company, we can quickly perform regular building inspections to spot leaks and other factors of water damage.

Our team can assist you with your water damage restoration project immediately. For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 512 829 3195. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Firen Bokn
Firen Bokn
Our fire suppression system failed and caused flooding on the 2nd floor.
Clair Divas
Clair Divas
Their entire team has great attention to detail – got the job done on schedule and easy to work with.
Parde Nicson
Parde Nicson
If getting your property repaired correctly matters to you, this company got it done for me. I told them what I wanted & they made it happen.
They were very comforting and did a great job. These people were professional, efficient, and could not have been more helpful. I would enthusiastically recommend them.
Richard Allan
Richard Allan
Dallas was very professional. Excellent customer service.
Edward Coppel
Edward Coppel
Great work guys - thanks for the help!
Mary Linda
Mary Linda
After the fire in our garage, we had some water damage. Commercial Water Damage Texas Austin cleaned it all up and we can't see any of the damage that happened.
Karen Parker
Karen Parker
My most sincere thank you to your organization for arriving so quickly and taking it so seriously. Although it wasn't a massive flood, you guys were thorough and detail-oriented, and I really appreciate it.
Jeadsbi abedion
Jeadsbi abedion
Our main water line broke on a Saturday and flooded our entire building. Thank God we used Commercial Water Damage Texas Austin for the repairs. Their communication and fast action saved us big and kept us in the loop with the status of our property. During times of emergency, dealing with professionals is a must. Great work fellas.
William La
William La
We had a sprinkler head malfunction causing the 6th floor to flood. We have used Commercial Water Damage Texas before, but this was the first big job we had them on. They were excellent and handled the job perfectly. Big or small, they can tackle it all.
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