Commercial Water Damage Texas

Fire Sprinkler Malfunction

In Texas, the most powerful and useful measure that commercial building owners take is the water sprinkler’s installment. These devices are the mechanisms that can save you in case of a fire outbreak inside the building. These devices are made by utilizing modern technology and sensitive instruments. These devices’ sensitive parts allow them to respond most responsively if there is a smaller flame or smoke inside the building. 

The quick response attribute of these devices and their sensitivity also makes them go nuts sometimes and sprinkle water inside the building when there is no need to do so. There are various reasons when these devices backfire and damage inventory and equipment. 

We have come up with the most common factors that cause the Fire sprinkler Malfunction, and you have to bear damage and loss.


Almost all the fire sprinklers are made up of heat-sensitive parts. These parts work on temperature and heat detection and start a water shower after detecting the required level of heat in the area. 

When there is an extreme temperature outside the building, it can make everything heat up because of the piercing rays from the scorching sun. If the heat detectors reach the threshold limit, a slight variation is enough to trigger the process, and you will have to suffer the heavy downpour in the area. 

These devices can also backfire in winter. If someone uses a heater right under the sprinkler, the mechanism’s detection parts will register the rising temperature and lose all the water from the pipes to every place in the area. 


In winter, these capricious devices are also not safe from malfunction and backfire. When there is an under heated or poorly insulated area, the sprinkler will accumulate water moistly, and it will freeze on the sensitive parts. If these particles thaw, they can make a short circuit or cause cracks in the pipes that will ruin the whole office by raining the water from pipes. 

Our expert technicians provide proper insulation around these sensitive devices and provide lasting measures from any mishap in the future.  


The dry pipes used to take water from the main pipeline to the sprinklers are more vulnerable to corrosion. These pipes can also damage the main pipes, and you have to suffer from dripping and leaks inside the area. If these pipes push water towards sprinklers, there is nothing you can do to save your office from the inevitable damage. 

Now a day’s most companies are using nitrogen to replace air. As the absence of oxygen will prevent rust and corrosion inside the dryad n empty pipes, and you will save your office and commercial buildings from imminent danger.

Mechanical damage

There are various reasons and events which can be added to this category. Over tightening the sensitive heads or an un-intentional hit on the sprinklers can cause the sprouts to erupt downside, destroy the electrical equipment, and ruin the inventory underneath. 

When we take on any project, we put all of our minds and focus into it. That’s why our results are always of the best standards and quality. We typically go all the way to ensure that our customers are satisfied with what they get for their money’s worth.

Some of the services we offer our esteemed customers get shown below

  • Accidentally Hitting Fire Sprinkler
  • Accidental Fire Sprinkler Activation
  • Fire Sprinkler Leaking
  • Accidentally Set Off Fire Sprinkler
  • Fire Sprinkler Leak Detection
  • Who to Call For Fire Sprinkler Leak

We are always available to attend to you. We work around the clock so that our customers will never get stranded when there is a need for quick work to be done or in responding to an emergency.

Commercial Water Damage Texas

Our expert technicians are equipped with the tools and expertise to provide long-lasting protective measures in saving you from unexpected damage. 

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