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Fire Sprinkler Malfunction

Water sprinkler system installation is the most effective method for commercial properties in Texas. It is designed to spray volumes of water when there is a fire outbreak within the building. These devices are created with the aid of cutting-edge technology and sensitive parts. The sensitive fire sprinkler parts cause the system to respond quickly, even if there is minimal flame or smoke within the building.

In the same vein, the quick response features of these devices and their sensitivity have their drawbacks. For instance, a minor situation could set the fire sprinkler alarm off when it isn’t necessary. As a result, the outpouring of water will damage your inventory, equipment, and sensitive items will be damaged. There are a variety of factors that cause the fire sprinkler system to malfunction. We’ve compiled them to help you avoid water damage:


Most fire sprinkler systems are designed using heat-sensitive components. They monitor the temperature and heat levels. Also, they initiate a water shower after detecting the required level of heat in a particular area. 

When the exterior of the building is extremely hot due to the scorching sun, it may cause the system to heat up. If the heat detectors hit the threshold limit, even a small change will activate the process. Thus, you will be forced to endure the heavy downpour.

Likewise, these devices can also malfunction in the winter. If a heater is placed directly beneath a sprinkler system, it will detect the rising temperature and activate the downpour. 


These erratic gadgets are not immune to failure even in the winter. When there is an under heated or poorly insulated area, the sprinkler will accumulate moisture, which will freeze on the sensitive parts. If these particles defrost, they can spur a short circuit or cracks in the pipes, causing water to rain in the building.

Our expert specialists offer proper insulation around these sensitive systems as well as long-term protection against potential mishaps. You can count on us to use preventive methods to ensure you face no issues. 


Corrosion is more likely in the dry pipes that transport water from the main pipeline to the sprinklers. Corrosion makes the main pipes vulnerable, which can result in leakages in the affected area. There is little you can do to save your office once these pipelines push water towards sprinklers.

We recommend that you use nitrogen to replace air. The absence of oxygen will prevent rust and corrosion inside the dry and empty pipes. That way, you will save your office and commercial buildings from imminent danger.

Mechanical Damage 

Several circumstances can result in this factor. For one, overtightening or unintentionally hitting the sensitive water sprinkler parts can cause the sprouts to explode from the bottom. 

When we take on any project, we devote all of our attention and energy to it. As a result, our outcomes are always of the highest caliber and quality. Our MO is going to great lengths to ensure that our clients are happy with the value they receive for their money.

Some of the services we offer our esteemed customers are:

  • Accidentally Hitting Fire Sprinkler
  • Accidental Fire Sprinkler Activation
  • Fire Sprinkler Leaking
  • Accidentally Set Off Fire Sprinkler
  • Fire Sprinkler Leak Detection
  • Who to Call For Fire Sprinkler Leak

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