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Texas offices now have a blend of modern architecture and aesthetics. They are built with valuable carpets, rugs, furniture, inventory, and equipment. However, when water damage occurs, the buildings suffer a severe blow. Carpets and rugs get damaged, and furniture and equipment are destroyed by water. The risk of hiring an inexperienced team to restore your office from water damage and destruction cannot be taken.

Our expert technicians are trained and certified in handling any type and kind of water damage in offices or commercial buildings. Several factors can cause water damage in the workplace. 

Below is a list of the most common reasons individuals contact our Commercial Water Damage team:

Faulty Window or Damaged Seal

Water enters your building due to cracks in window sealants, such as summer heat. As a result, water gushes into the workplace during heavy rain, destroying floors, carpets, and valuable rugs. As a result of this type of water damage, the lower level of the building is also susceptible to the same fate as the upper floor, so act fast. At Commercial Water Damage Texas, we specialize in restoring water-damaged commercial properties to their original shape.

Damaged Pipes

The primary line for upper and lower floors in your building is connected to the pipes in your ceiling and walls. If these pipes leak or drip, they can ruin your equipment, inventory, and furnishings, costing thousands of dollars in damage. In case you detect leaks, contact us immediately to get permanent solutions. 

Suppose a pipe leaks over the weekend, and no one calls for help; you will have a flood by Monday. You can contact our technicians 24/7, and they will reach your location as soon as possible. We will offer lasting solutions that effectively prevent potential damage and restore your office. 

We provide the following highly recommended and effective water damage restoration services:

  • Commercial Water Damage Austin
  • Commercial Water Damage Restoration
  • Business Flood Repair
  • Commercial Damage Restoration
  • Commercial Water Restoration
  • Emergency Commercial Water Damage
  • Commercial Water Damage Clean Up
  • Commercial Flood Cleanup
  • Same Day Office Water Removal
  • Commercial Flood Restoration

Sprinkler Malfunction

A failed sprinkler system will automatically flood your property, affecting your inventory, furniture, walls, and floor. Considering the stress and money involved, you could suffer considerable damages and losses. We don’t just restore your property; we also fix the sprinklers. You can rely on our effective services for years to come. You can count on us to get your office back to working as quickly as possible. 


Our team can assist you with your water damage restoration project immediately. For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 512 829 3195. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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