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Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

When fire breaks in your building, the extinguishing process requires many water and foams to save your property from collateral damage. When your building is safe for entering once again after completely extinguishing the fire, you will have to walk in a substantial amount of water accumulated on the floor. This water will make things worse, and you will have to call the water damage restoration team once you are done dealing with the fire. Now you need some expert and experienced technicians who have experience dealing with the situation and providing you relief in such calamity.

Commercial Water Damage Texas

When you want an experienced team with the modern equipment and scientific methods in restoring your property after water and fire damage in Texas, our company is always on top of commercial restoration in town. When your building has suffered a fire attack, the extinguishing process leaves your building filled with water. Our expert technicians provide you with the most satisfying services in restoring your property and saving you a fortune in eh restoration process. 

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Process in Texas

The whole process starts when you call our expert technicians to your location. We provide the following services:

Building analysis and protective measures

Once all the fire has been extinguished, you still need a second check for any spark of hidden flame in the debris that can once again cause the fire to erupt again. Our expert technicians take care of electricity and electric equipment by cutting off the main supply to your building. Then they look for any drain that has been clogged to save the floor from collected water. 

The analysis team then provides you with the most effective and affordable restoration plan to restore your property in the least time possible. 

Water Extraction and Drying

Industrial grade vacuum pumps remove all the water outside of your property within no time. Taking water outside of the property is exceptionally essential for saving your inventory inside the building from getting further damage. Collected water on the floor call damage walls and floor of your building that will show the harmful symptoms later after weeks of restoration if not taken care of properly in the very beginning. 

Scientific method and modern equipment help in identifying and drying all the areas which have absorbed water. 

Fire and Water Damage Repair

Now comes the most crucial step of the whole restoration process. Only an experienced eye can look for the most useful way to restore the damaged area. Our expert technicians use lasting measures to save you from future expenses. If you go for temporary restoration methods, you will have to pay double the amount after a few months in taking care of those affected areas. That’s why our expert technicians provide you the most affordable and lasting measures that save you from extra expenses in the future.

Smoke Damage Restoration

When your walls have collected smoke particles, you will see the yellowish-tan and have to bear the pungent smell of smoke in the area. Only paint isn’t enough all the time in taking care of the damaged area. After restoring the areas and walls, our technicians use primer and paint to restore your building to its former glory. 

Equipment and furniture is also our top priority in smoke damage restoration. We use the most powerful yet safe chemicals and detergents to provide you the furniture as it was before the fire burst in your building. 


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