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Who Should I Call for Water Damage in Texas

Who Should I Call for Water Damage in Texas?

Do you have a water damage issue in your home, office, or business? If so, don’t worry! This blog post will discuss tips for choosing the right company to call for your water damage needs in Texas.

  1. Look up customer reviews. 

Start your search for a water damage company by typing the city’s name and “water damage” into your preferred search engine. You can also lookup companies on Google + Business or Yelp and read what other customers have said about them. Knowing what to expect from a company before they arrive at your home will ensure that you are getting the right help at the right time!

  1. Get referrals from friends, family, or neighbors. 

A good way to find an excellent water damage company is via personal referral. Most people would recommend a company if they found it reliable and trustworthy enough to repair their home after a disaster! Once you have found a few promising options, call them and ask about their experience with water damage and specifically ask if they have had a chance to work on a similar project in the past.

  1. What types of services does your company provide? 

It is important to find out what type of service you need. Some companies specialize in the restoration process. Some offer emergency services depending on the severity of the damage, while others may also handle mold remediation and mold disinfection upon request! To determine which one is right for you, consult an expert from each of these specialties for advice before making a final choice. 

  1. Are they certified? 

A water damage restoration company should have an IICRC certification. Keep in mind that not all companies are created equal. The right restoration company for your project must be properly trained to effectively assess their worksite, identify potential problems, offer solutions, and execute a plan without delay.

  1. What is their emergency response time? 

When you call a water damage company, what is your expectation of how quickly they will reach your home and begin the process of restoring it to pre-damage conditions? You can easily find out by asking them what their emergency response times are like! If you get an ambiguous answer such as “within 24 hours” or “as soon as possible,” ask for clarification so that you can be sure they will arrive at your home in less than 48 hours from the point you called them. 


If you follow the above tips, finding the right company to call for your water damage in Texas should be much easier.

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We are the best option in Texas for Commercial Water Damage Restoration Services. So if you find yourself with office water damage, a flooded warehouse, or your sprinkler system flooded your property, we’re the company for you. We service all of Austin, San Antonio, Houston & Dallas. In Austin, our headquarters, we service Round Rock, Pflugerville, and Georgetown. Our expert technicians are certified to undertake all of your commercial water removal & drying needs. 

We specialize in emergency commercial water damage repair, removal, extraction, drying, mitigation, restoration, and cleanup services. Commercial Water Damage Texas is located at 6013 Techni Center Dr. Suite C3 in Austin, TX 78721. You can call us 24 hours a day – 512-829-3195.