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How to Remove the Smoke Smell at Office

How to Remove the Smoke Smell at Office

Ever get to your office, only to be greeted by the strong smell of smoke? Well, you’re not alone! It is one of the most common situations that we are called out to. Fortunately for you, some basic steps can be taken to remove this unwanted odor from your office space. We have compiled them here for your convenience, so read on!

Steps To Remove Smoke Smell

  1. Open your windows

It is a quick and easy step that can have immediate results. Although the smoke smell may go away quickly, it doesn’t mean that whatever caused the odor in the first place will disappear as well. It is why it’s vital to check all air vents for any lingering smoke particles or embers.

  1. Use Vinegar to Neutralize the Odor

A very cheap and effective method is by using distilled white vinegar. The acetic acid in the vinegar cuts through all of the smoke particles and neutralizes them, thus removing its smell. Place bowls in several areas around your office, but monitor them regularly so they don’t overflow. 

  1. Use Baking Soda for Badly Smoke-Infested Surfaces

If your ceiling tiles or carpet has been badly contaminated by smoke, you can use baking soda to remove its smell. Place bowls of this mixture on several spots around the room, then leave it overnight to settle. After that, vacuum your tiles or floor, and the smell will be gone! This method is effective on upholstery, but make sure to test a small area before applying this treatment on a larger scale.

  1. Make Sure to Address the Original Reason for the odor

If you’re able to get rid of your office’s smoke smell but fail to address whatever led up to it, there’s a pretty good chance that it will just reappear. So take the necessary steps to permanently remove this unwanted odor from your workspace so that its cause won’t show up again.


Nice, clean office space can help create a welcoming environment for your staff and customers. By implementing these simple steps, you will be sure to maintain this environment at all costs! A little effort will go a long way to ensure that your office smells fresh and inviting.

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