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Commercial Water Damage Restoration


We are a full-service disaster restoration company that specializes in commercial water damage, fire and smoke restoration. We provide 24/7 emergency services for businesses of all sizes. 

We offer complete solutions to mitigate the impact of disasters on your business. Our experts can help you with any size job, from small office spaces to industrial complexes. 

Let us be there when you need us most! 

What are the best practices for cleaning up after a flood?

It takes some time to clean up after a flood, so try not to wait too long before starting the process of removing all the standing water and debris from your property. 

  • It includes vacuuming up all the wet material using your vacuum’s attachments and then steam-cleaning any carpets or other materials that have become wet. 
  • You should also remove any rugs or drapes that might have become wet and must be thrown away (or dry-cleaned). 
  • If your home has suffered significant damage due to the flooding, you should contact a professional for assistance.

Do you need to use professionals, or can regular cleaners do it too?

It does take special equipment to clean after a flood properly. Professionals will know exactly how much water needs to be removed and where the moisture is coming from to best restore your property to its pre-flood state. 

For example, they know what chemical cleaning solutions are needed when removing mold from your walls or floors. 

When you hire a commercial water cleaner from Page Commercial Water Damage Texas, they will walk you through the entire cleanup process and make sure everything is done correctly, so your property can be restored to its pre-flood condition as quickly as possible.

Why should I hire a commercial water cleaner?

  • You need to hire a professional commercial water cleaner when you have high volumes of water, or there is a large area. 
  • You can’t do it with just a vacuum and mop. Hiring a professional will ensure that the water is removed from the flooring, walls, and more.
  • The professionals know the best ways to remove the water without damaging the building materials.
  • They also have experience, training, and knowledge about how to clean up after water floods.
  • They use specialized equipment that will allow them to do a thorough job of removing all of the water from your building. 
  • You won’t want any water left behind because this could cause mold or other damage to your property.

Commercial Water Damage Texas is here to ease your stress

Water is the most destructive force in nature and can cause significant damage to your property, equipment, and inventory. Commercial Water Damage Texas has been helping companies with water damage restoration for more than 20 years.



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