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Commercial Flood Damage


Commercial Flood Damage is the most devastating of all water damage types. Flooding causes different types of damages structural damages, rotting of wood floors and ceilings, mold and bacteria development, and damage to electrical equipment.

The Top 3 Causes Of Commercial Flood Damage

A plumbing malfunction- Plumbing malfunctions can be caused by various reasons, such as clogged pipes, broken pipes, and burst pipes. This type of event is the most common cause of commercial flood damage. A plumbing malfunction can be difficult to detect, so it needs to be immediately addressed by professionals to prevent serious damages from occurring.

Pipe leaks- Leaks can occur as a result of wear and tear or deterioration of pipes. Many leaks can go unnoticed for months and years before they need to be repaired. A quick inspection by a professional plumbing company will let you know if your building is at risk for this type of damage and how soon the problem should be addressed.

A burst pipe- Burst pipes are hazardous because they cause water to quickly spread throughout the area where it occurred, whether it is inside or outside of your commercial property. This type of event creates fast-moving water that damages structures and equipment in its paths, such as electrical panels, windows, doors, and walls, creating serious structural damage very quickly.

What Are The Signs Of A Flooding Problem In Your Commercial Building?

There may be several warning signs that indicate there’s a water damage problem in your commercial building. 

A few examples are: 

buzzing sounds coming from the electrical panel, musty odors, warped or buckling hardwood floors, stains on walls or ceilings that appear to be getting more prominent over time. 

The best step you can take is to have an inspection carried out by a professional plumber as soon as possible to detect any potential damages before they become significant problems.

How do you know if your business has been flooded?

Several signs convey water damage was present due to commercial flood damage.

  • These signs include discoloration of floor tile, carpets, and subflooring; 
  • damaged drywall; 
  • warped or buckled wood flooring; 
  • delamination of wallboard; 
  • water-saturated insulation; 
  • warped or collapsed drywall, and damaged trim.

When should you call for help with water damage?

The first sign of water damage in commercial buildings is usually the leakage of a burst pipe, which can cause serious structural damage. A company such as Commercial Water Damage Texas that specializes in the commercial property needs to be called immediately to assess the problem and implement an emergency plan to prevent further damages from occurring.


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